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5 Valentine's Day Ideas for Her or Him

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If you want to surprise your love for this Valentine's day, there is one important thing you should consider first before starting to plan a surprise. Remember that not all people have the same personality, so some surprises will actually delight ones and not others. So to start off, first think whether the surprise will be something he/she will love or not.

Here we give you some ideas that will help you get inspired for this Valentine's day.

1) Dine at home: This is a very good idea; you can create a beautiful romantic setup with candles and valentine's decorations and pleasant music in the background. For this, you need to decide whether is better to cook for him/her or cook together!

2) Think about an outdoor activity you both love: Whether it is a boat ride, hiking, horse ride, biking or some event that will make you share a sweet memory together while enjoying something different.

3) Attend a dance class: You can pick between, line dancing, salsa, tango, ballroom class. What type of dance would your boyfriend/girlfriend love to learn? You will enjoy learning how to dance with your partner, and you will also meet other couples!

4) Create your handcrafted gift: There are thousand of ideas online. Look for ideas and surprise him/her with a UNIQUE GIFT that can't be found at any store. Here is one video I found on Youtube.com that can help your inspiration. 

3) Attend a dance class:Attend an event:: you can think about getting tickets to the theater, a concert or a sports event. Movies? You can do anytime! So try to think about going somewhere you don't usually go, like a wine tasting festival, a Broadway musical or the ballet. Even stand-up comedy would be something peculiar. Check ticketmaster.com to find out about any event happening around your city.


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