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What is Virtual Reality?

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 So if you don't know what virtual reality is yet, we will show you some useful videos that will show you information about this amazing innovation that will for sure have a great momentum in 2016.


Virtual Reality or computer-simulated reality is a software replication of an environment that simulates a physical presence of the real world or an imagined world. This simulation allows people to see and interact in this  "virtual" world. This artificial field is created with a software and it is presented to the user in such a way that the user believes and accepts it as a real environment.


Watch these videos that will give you more information about  Virtual Reality.

Watch video of what is virtual reality?



The Oculus Rift is finally going on pre-sale. However, the company is yet to announce a price and a shipping date.


Learn how virtual reality is set for its mainstream moment in 2016.






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