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Airline Passengers Got Free Flight by Loving Crying Babies On Board

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JetBlue Airlines found a way to make passengers love crying babies on a plane.

Airline gave passengers free flights for crying babies on board in a new spot for Mother's Day!

The “FlyBabies” spot offered 25% off of passengers’ flights each time a baby cried on the plane. If four babies cried, the airline would give them a free ticket. Instead of unhappy passengers suddenly, people started cheering and clapping each time a baby was crying.

JetBlue wanted to do something special for mothers who fly with children in advance of Mother's Day on Sunday.

JetBlue selected the flight from New York to Long Beach for a special promotion. Hopefully, we will see this type of offer in any other JetBlue flight!

7 tips for easy flying with kids

1) Pack smartly

 Know what you can (and cannot) carry onboard by familiarizing yourself with TSA regulations.

2) Stuff their backpacks with entertainment

Have your little ones bring their own carry-on* backpacks filled with crayons, books, games and their favorite toys.

3) Arrive on time

Give you and your family ample time (2 hours for domestic travel, 3 hours for international) to check baggage and move through security.

4) Wear them out

Arriving at the airport earlier means your family can spend more time walking around. Burn off some of that extra energy and tire those little jetters out. Many airports offer a kids’ play area.

5) Dress comfortably for the plane and simply for the airport

Wear slip-on shoes, keep jewelry to a minimal and avoid wearing a belt, so you have fewer items to take off through security.

6) Most airlines offers pre-boarding for families with children under the age of 2, so you can have early access to overhead bins, secure car seats and get your kids comfortably seated on the plane.

7) Fly during naptime

Schedule your flight during your child’s naptime. When they’re snoozing, you’re cruising.



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